Energy Efficient Lighting Fixtures for Your Outdoor Lighting System

  • Tuesday, 13 July 2021
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Energy Efficient Lighting Fixtures for Your Outdoor Lighting System

Lighting outdoor areas around your home or business has many benefits. It can provide safety, enhance your property's appeal, reduce electricity costs, and provide a source of supplemental income. Here are some tips to help you select the right outdoor lighting system for your needs.

One of the first things to consider when planning your outdoor lighting system is how you will convert the wired system to an outdoor circuit. Low voltage (12-volts) outdoor lighting systems are designed to work only with 120-volt electrical currents. The bulbs inside the fixture are rated for outdoor usage, and no matter what the power supply, the lights will not produce an electrocution risk. However, it is true that many 12-volt outdoor lights are significantly dimmer than your average overhead light fixtures.

One possible solution is to add a low-voltage transformer to the current wiring. A transformer can take excess power from the power supply and change it into 120-volts, which will fulfill the need of the 120-volt outdoor lighting system perfectly. The only challenge with this solution is installing the transformer and dealing with the wiring connections that need to be concealed.

Another way to save on electricity costs while maintaining a high-quality outdoor lighting system is to make sure you schedule regular maintenance visits. You can either have your landscaping lighting company do the routine maintenance visits, or you can schedule the upkeep visits yourself if you have a bit of a handyman experience. If you have a halogen lamp, you can easily schedule maintenance anytime during the week or at night to ensure your halogen lamps don't ever go out in the wild.

If you want to go even further in making sure your outdoor lighting system is as energy efficient as it can be, you should install motion sensor lights. Motion sensor lights use an advanced technology to determine the presence of animals, people, or other moving objects and then turn on the lights, so no one will accidentally walk through a glowing light. Using motion sensor lights will help conserve energy because these lights will turn themselves off when nobody is around, reducing the amount of electricity used overall. Although motion sensor lights are more expensive than regular overhead lights, they are much more energy efficient.

Finally, remember to keep things updated. Outdoor lighting fixtures and light bulbs come in all different shapes and sizes now, so you should replace your outdoor lighting system with something newer. Although new outdoor lighting fixtures require more upfront investment, they are usually more energy efficient, last longer, and are much easier to maintain. Even if you decide to go with a brand new system, consider changing your existing outdoor lighting fixtures to low voltage lighting fixtures, which provide almost twice the lumens per watt of typical incandescent bulbs. If you have old outdoor lighting fixtures, you can always change them out for new low voltage lighting fixtures that can run on regular household current. Both types of fixtures are much more affordable than their original counterparts, so even if you want to switch up your outdoor lighting fixtures all you have to do is find a good deal!

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