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Some of the Clients’ Inquiries of Led Flood Light Suppliers on Nov 2nd, 2018
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Jiangsu Bosiwei Optoelectronics Group, located in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province in the east of China, is a large-scale group company specializing in the research, development and manufacturing of outdoor lighting and road intelligent transportation system. We take pride in being one of the main led flood light suppliers, giving a tremendous range of LED luminaires curated for the correct reason. With our LED flood lights, open-air territories can be uniformly lit up while sparing vitality.


As we have delivered the best value in lighting for more than 20 years, we have become the most reliable Led Flood Light Suppliers in the international market and got lots of inquiries from our potential customers. Today we would like to share some with you.



Name:  ruth

Email:  rmb****

Tel: 254****

Date:  2018-11-02 09:53:27

Message:  hi What is the best price of this kind Led Flood Light. regards, Ruth




Name: Olajolo I****

Email: brainw****

Tel:  0722****

Date:  2018-11-02 12:14:34

Message: Supply&delivery of VDX115GALVANIZED Led Flood Light





Email:  mthokozisi.k****

Tel:  0614****

Date:  2018-11-02 13:36:09

Message: Request Quotation for 20 12Meter Led Flood Light.




Name:  Tony P****

Email:  tony.p****

Tel: 0905****

Date:  2018-11-01 10:38:24

Message: Please provide quote for 9m galvanized Led Flood Light. kind regardsTony Partsch, COO




Name: guled h****

Email:   guled_h****

Tel: +2517****

Date:  2018-11-01 15:09:29

Message: cable L.V 4*16mm 2 cu XLPE type length 2500 meter




Name:  Wilmer L****

Email:    L****

Tel: 5841****

Date:  2018-11-01 19:34:47

Message: Please we need cost for 20 pcs of this product. Thank you




Name:   Rose P****

Email:    pa****

Tel: 6325****

Date:  2018-11-01 21:54:09

Message: I would like to inquire how much a single Led Flood Light cost and if I could avail a discount if I would order about 6 quantities.



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