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Solar Mobile Traffic Lights
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Jiangsu Bosiwei Optoelectronics Group



It is easy to install andflexible to use.It is widely applyed in the signal light road when the road traffic needs temporary.


1.The size is small and the surface is spray coating.The appearance is elegant and not easy to be corroded.

2.The tube is high brightness LED light tube.It is high brightness and long life.

3.It makes the digital display combination with is simple to debug and easy to use.

4.Internal storage battery makes protection for overcharge.

5.It is intelligent,saving,low power and durability.

6.The performance index meets the standard of GB14887-2011.


 technical index

power  1-10W           

storage battery:100AH                                

sloar panel:50W

charging current:1A              

discernible visual range:>1000(meter)

brightness value:300

working voltage:12V

Charging control:

1.When using,the solar panel must be placed evenly and be locked the four wheels towrds the sun light.

2.The device automatically stops working when the storage battery voltage is below 11V.

3.The device will work again when the voltage is above 12V

4.The storage battery life is more than three years on the premise of the solar panel normal charging.

1.The brightness can be set the daytime and night.

2.The yellow flash mode can be adjusted when the night begins and end .It is better when yellow flash type open in the night.

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