Moudle Adjustable LED 150W Street Light

Moudle Adjustable LED 150W Street Light

Moudle Adjustable LED 150W Street Light

Moudle Adjustable LED 150W Street Light

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Moudle Adjustable LED 150W Street Light 

LED Street Lights, Single Lamp design, widely used in lighting squares, plazas, mansions, parks, river banks, pedestrian streets and other occasions where lighting is required. We choose high quality LED Chip as its lighting source.

Key Features for Moudle Adjustable LED 150W Street Light 

1).Adopting high-power 3030smd as light source. Energy-saving, environment protecting and long life.

2). 5mm toughened transparent glass/lens , high temperature resisting, easy for lights penetration, transmittance as hight as 92%.

3).The radiator adopts Aluminium alloy with high thermal coefficient, Lamp surface adopts oxidation technology, corrosion-resistance and ensure the radiating.

4).Constant current supply, good stabilize and high security.

5).Energy sawing up to 80%.

6).Good-Looking shape, easy installation

7).Applicable for the expressway, road in down town, over bridge, port, factory lighting and so on..

8).Lampshade material: Die cast aluminum housing, Toughened safety glass, painting coating.

9).The metal part which is between pole and street light is designed as original pole size.

1. LED Street Light Technical parameters:
• Pole Height:2.5M-15.0m
• Applicable light source: 60W to 250W LED
• Lighting hours: 8-10 Hrs/Day,11-12 Hrs/Day,
• Pole material:
• plastic coated on hot-dip galvanized steel pole,
• The design, configuration and manufacture can meet customer’s requirements or OEM

2.Light distribution:
• The international advanced optical technology, LED rectangle form 4:1 rectangle flare, all of the light are maximum efficiency reflect on the road;
• Scientific Lamp light distribution technology,special beads phosphor formula,advanced packaging technologies,high brightness of imported chip, efficacy of 120LM/W;150LM/W;
• No bad glare and stroboscopic, eliminate the common streetlights caused by bad glare of dazzling, visual fatigue and viewing interference, improve the security of driving.

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Applicaton for Moudle Adjustable LED 150W Street Light 

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