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LED Street Light Installation Guides
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Jiangsu Bosiwei Optoelectronics Group

Although LED Street Lamp has a long lifespan, it is consumable. If you want to prolong its service life, it should be regularly maintained and kept in good repair. Below are some LED street light installation guides and maintenance procedures for your guidance.

- LED Street Lights Installation Tools
Installation kit includes complete sets of wrenches, 30cm live wrench, screwdriver, stripping pliers, multimeter, several conductors, 50m tape measure, electrician tape, working trucks with life table, warning signs, flash lamps with lift stations. Some of these tools will be provided by led street lighting suppliers.

- LED Street Lighting Install Cautions
To begin with, the construction personnel must have the related specialized knowledge. Then, to protect with a soft cloth or other protective material when road lamp is facing down. Furthermore, you must never operate in an electric environment. Finally, determine whether the weather is in line with outdoor high-power working range. You can't perform lamp pole installation work when the wind is over 4 class.

As the 15W base:

- LED Street Light Installation Working GuidePreparatory Work: Open the outer packing, remove the packing material above the lamp, and take out theLED road lamp. Then check whether the parts or accessories and the manual are complete according to the list of goods and accessories in the packing box. At last, check if the fasteners are solid, whether the lamp assembly is correct, make a Power debugging on street lights to confirm the lamp is working normally.

1, Connect the street lamp power wire onto the cable of the Lamp lever control box (or connector) while connecting a yellow or yellow-green wire to the ground line.

2, Then connect the black and white (or brown and blue) wires, make sure wire connection point must be fitted with the protective cover or waterproof treatment.

3, Lock the grounding wire to the screw of the driver if there is no yellow or yellow-green wire, and ensure the screws connect with the lamp metal casing.

4, Combination of the lamp cap hole and the cantilever. Adjust the direction of street lamps, so that the lights and the led street light module can be fully illuminated to the effective area of the road.

5, Tighten the screws and fix the LED Street Lamp and test if the light works normally.

- Electrical Safety measures

1, Distribution Box switch set separately and must insist on one-machine one-brake power with two-level leakage protection device. Power Distribution box, switch box must be installed firmly and pay attention to moisture.

2, On-site lighting: The lighting wire is well insulated and the guideline shall not be dragged or tied to the angle of the enclosure.

3, Distribution box and switch box: Use standard distribution box, the switchgear in the distribution box must be intact and undamaged and set leakage protector in the box. Metal Case Electric box must be made ground protection.

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