Led Moudle Solar Street Light

Led Moudle Solar Street Light

Led Moudle Solar Street Light

Led Moudle Solar Street Light

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Led Moudle Solar Street Light

Brief Introduction ofLed Moudle Solar Street Light 

The lamp shell is made of aluminum die-casting design, the appearance is simple and generous, strong impact resistance;

Unique thermal module, excellent heat dissipation performance, strong resistance to impact;Adopt international famous brand LED light source, high luminous efficiency, low light decay, high color rendering, no flicker, long service life;

According to the lighting characteristics of the road lighting design, the light is even and soft, no glare;

The power supply driver and the light source circuit are connected by a plug-in and pull-out special connector, and the installation, maintenance and replacement are convenient and concise;

Installation and disassembly need not open cover design, easy operation.

Specification for Led Moudle Solar Street Light


Pole Height: 4M; 5M; 6M; 7M; 8M

Material: plastic coated on hot-dip galvanized steel pole, anti-rust and wind.

Applicable light source: :  50W,60W

Solar Panel: 30W-300W Hi-efficient LED modules.(1PC,2PC,4PC)

Microcomputer automatic controller: over-charging and over-discharging protection

Lighting hours: 11-12 Hrs/Night, 3-7 backup rainy days

Some Main Parts Pictures Of Led Moudle Solar Street Light