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While we are the leading led flood light suppliers across China and other parts of the globe, we feel privileged to offer magnificent range of LED luminaires designed specially to cater to your light requirements.  Some of the lucrative benefits that you may have access to with our range of LED flood lights is high vitality percentage, possess high lumen yield, and gives an option of flexible models to name just a few of them. Lighting up lives to bring a better and connected future, we aim at lighting places like ports, parking areas, building destinations, façades, and other landmarks. With our range of LED flood lights, we aim at lighting up open-air territories for uniformly lit up vicinity.

Commercial Facilities Benefited!

Led Flood Lights are the most efficient ways to light up areas and has several advantages associated with it. Install LED lights in shopping malls, playing areas, gyms to give a clear and bright visibility to the visitors. For outdoor lighting, industrial lighting, and hoardings, our LED flood lights work as wonderful and the electricity saving units. The age of LED is advancing with newer technologies coming forward to design efficient LED lighting systems.

What you Need to Do?

All you need to do is log into our portal and explore a wide range of LED flood light options, choose the type you wish for and order it right away. We make some of the best led flood light supplier that adhere to the ISO standards and believe in undergoing thorough quality checks to produce authentic LED lights for the potential customers.

Find the best led flood lights

We take pride in being one of the main led flood light suppliersgiving a tremendous range of LED luminaires curated for the correct reason. The surge lights accessible with us spare enormous 90% vitality, have high lumen yield, great warm administration, and arrive in a wide assortment of flexible outlines. They are perfect for ports, parking areas, building destinations, façades, landmarks, and mechanical outside. With our LED flood lights, open-air territories can be uniformly lit up while sparing vitality.


Led Flood Light has many important application in Shopping Malls, Playing Areas, Gyms, Outdoor Lighting, Industrial Lighting, Hoardings and Facade Lighting mash and paper factories, Processing plants, Chemical plants, Oil refineries, Food handling plants, Waste, and sewage treatment plants and also available for dangerous areas.

Important Features

These lights are Environment friendly with long life expectancy as once you install you need not worry about its replacement soon. It is energy efficient and cost effective. Some more features are; Smaller, contemporary plan can be mounted as a floodlight or high narrows apparatus Hardcore, high temperature, single piece, framed silicone elastic gasket Rough aluminum lodging withstands vibration and misuse Consumption safe building bronze polyester wrap up

Exceptional Design

Compact, contemporary outline can be mounted as a floodlight or high sound installation Easy to introduce and benefit, with one piece lodging and one piece pivoted focal point/cover anchored by four hostage tempered steel jolts Heavy obligation, high temperature, single piece, framed silicone elastic gasket Rugged aluminum lodging withstands vibration and misuse Corrosion-safe structural bronze polyester wrap up Please visit www.bsolarlight.com to get amazing experience of choosing Led Flood Light suppliers

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