Hot Sale Solar Garden Lighting

Hot Sale Solar Garden Lighting

Hot Sale Solar Garden Lighting

Hot Sale Solar Garden Lighting

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Hot Sale Solar Garden Lighting

1.Upgraded Solar LED design allows you can choose 2 modes - Warm White and Color Changing.The Warm White is suitable for daily decoration,and the other one is especial fit for festival décor. You can change the modes you want by WHITE/COLOR
2.These Solar Lights Outdoor are wireless. As external wires are eliminated, the risk of accidents are minimized and easy to install/reinstall
3.The Solar Wall Lights make of high quality ABS material - weatherproof and durable make these solar lights fixtures works well and safe in different kinds of weathers. And fully recharges the battery in 6 hours,it can keep lighting for 8 hours
4.This Solar LED Lights will be adding colour to your deck, front door,pathway, porch, front/back yards, gardens, driveways, business,fence, wall, stairs, stairways, landscape, patio or any outdoor places that needs lighting

Specification for Hot Sale Solar Garden Lighting

1.Height :4M, hot-dip galvanized pole, surface is sprayed with plastics processing(available upon request design)

2.System voltage:DC12V/24V

3.Adaptable light source:High power LED  solar garden lighting

4.Service time daily:4~12h,(According to the customer request design full power lighting and energy-saving mode)

5.Rainy days backup:2~7days(Can be designde according to the requirements)

6.Total flux:1200Lm~1500Lm efficiency:100lm/w~110lm/W

8.Illumination:10Lux~15Lux(Can be designde according to the requirements)

9.Wind resistance:41.4m/s


11.Solar panel:Mono/Poly-crystalline Solar panel of high conversion efficiency, life≥25years

12.Battery:Valve-control sealed free-maintenance battery,life≥5years

13:Controller:Microcomputer intelligent waterproof controller with protection against overcharge, overdischarge, light control, such as extra time control a variety of functions, life≥5years

14.Battery box:Mould pressing, hermetically sealed waterproof, has a better thermal insulation effect, life≥20years

15.Light source life:>50000h